I tell stories, sometimes for money. I figured out early that a novelist needs to understand marketing too; since then my career has pursued two angles: angle A is books and what comes with 'em (writing them and publishing them), and angle B is marketing.

I worked at a boutique publishing house through college where I earned a degree in creative writing and half of a degree in philosophy (that's a weird story I can tell someday: I got kicked out of seminary).

Then I become an office monkey for long enough to learn technical writing.

Since then I've been a content writer for digital marketing endeavors.

Throughout all that, I wrote fifteen novels, two of them worth reading. I might be getting the hang of this.

All this is to say that right now I've attained a certain degree of competence in the two areas a writer needs to "make it": books and marketing books. Now I seek a synthesis between the two.

That's pretty much all about me where writing is concerned. I sink myself in the voluntary headache of the weirding world of marketing so that I can sink more fully into the more rewarding voluntary headache of novel-writing.

You can find my fiction-writer's portfolio on Amazon and Smashwords. That's how I think of my books these days.



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