I Know Less about Algorithms than I’d Like

Couple days ago, I wrote this thing about empathizing with algorithms:

I realized that I don’t know that much about algorithms. I just know how I interact with them.

So I’ve been researching them. Better to better understand what I’m interacting with, yeah? That’s how everyone leaves satisfied, right? Right.

There’s a great, hour long documentary about algorithms on Netflix right now.

It’s called The Secret Rules of Modern Living: Algorithms.

Quite interesting.

There’s this channel on YouTube called Computerphile. They do a lot of stuff about computing in general, and a lot about algorithms. Brief and well composed and easy to understand. They’re made by an Australian documentarian who goes around the world and finds acknowledged experts on obscure, specific subjects, and he does five to fifteen minute interviews on those specific things.

This one, especially, is relevant to the piece I wrote. It’s about curating our feeds and things:

I’m making a playlist of algorithm-related videos. Check it out:

There. Proceed with more trivia.

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