I love this! Information inoculation.

I took this class in college called Rhetoric and Propaganda. It was taught by a woman who’d spent her career studying the history of literature. Anyhow. we studied rhetoric and then looked at propaganda, which teach defined as the evil twin of rhetoric.

I shan’t go too far into it, but I can tell you that the experience of examining several famous propaganda mills — Nazi Germany, Stalinist Russia, Maoist China — and some famous fictional propaganda situations — 1984, Animal Farm — and then being told what the most prolific propaganda mill of all time was has made me cautious about accepting information produced by that mill without triple checking any of it.

Because the U.S. is the largest propaganda mill in the world. Between the corporations demanding our allegiance and the media piping in its whiny voice, and the government flogging its oddly quiet and as usual gormless message, citizens of the U.S.A. are inundated with more propaganda than any civilization ever has been.

The best part of being a mime is never having to say I’m sorry.

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