I sometimes wish I could find a socially appropriate way to give classes in this. The trouble is…you know, men. They’re mostly not interested in hearing another man tell them to be respectful and attentive and things.

Incidental, related idea: because of my attitude towards women, I always felt self-conscious around men growing up. I knew I was into girls — big into girls — but I thought that, given that I’m a bit delicate and poncy and feminine, that they’d all call me gay.

I hadn’t figured out how to become comfortable with that till Eddie Izzard explained transvestitism, from his perspective. In his experience it’s like being a male tomboy or — and I empathized especially with this idea — a male lesbian. Big revelation for me.

Hard to explain how. Most people find it such a weird and uncomfortable thought, for some reason, that they won’t accept it when I say it.

Anyhow… Just rambling.

I don’t know how I got instilled with an interest in ensuring that my lovers get their warmth as much as they’d like before I get mine. I wish I knew its source. I’d teach it to more people if I understood it better. I grew up a bit sexually repressed, though, and I’ve never really done a fair examination of it. One thing I know that’s near to the center of it, though, is the idea that I feel like a male lesbian, if that’s even a sensible thing. To me it’s a sensible-sounding thing.

The best part of being a mime is never having to say I’m sorry.